2D CAD Program

At Subgrade, we use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure we can deliver the highest standards of service for our residential customers in the Auckland area. This includes using the latest software technologies – software like our 2D CAD program.

Before starting work at your home, we’ll create plans in the CAD program taking into account all the variables that can occur. We’ll go through these plans with you, and they will provide the basis for all the work that we do on-site.

Technologies You Can Rely On

The accuracy of the plans we create using our CAD software depends on the measurements that we input at the start of the process. Therefore, we have also invested in measurement technologies in addition to our CAD investments.

The measurement equipment that we use is cutting-edge and produces highly accurate readings. This ensures you receive an accurate quote, while assisting and guiding on-site construction.

What We Do

At Subgrade, we use our CAD software across all our services, including new driveway construction, earthworks projects, retaining wall construction, and minor drainage projects. To learn more and get a quote for the work you want to be completed at your home, get in touch today.